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Wanda Showerman Kester, Author
My own spiritual journey with humor. From growing up on a dairy farm to being widowed at 33 years old, this will make you laugh, cry and perhaps appreciate or at least look at your own life differently,      $12.00 NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE
All true stories, too unbelievable to make up and yet very easy to relate to. From being assigned to the dressing room at a major clothing store to disastrous dating attempts....many of the social observations you've had but never thoroughly considered.  $10.00 NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE
Based on a true story told in Here's The Thing... (even when it's not the thing at all), this is the heroic account of Mrs. Sweet saving Mr. Snapper's life while Mr. Snapper's account is slightly different. A book about perception that is two books in one; reads from both sides and meets in the middle with snapping turtle facts and critical thinking questions. $15.00
Poor Warren. Warren is a worm, a white worm that simply does not fit in. Smart, clever and always thinking, Warren decides to set off to find his real family. Along the way he meets fascinating characters who all have a lesson to teach. What will Warren learn from them? $10.00
Inspired by a friend's niece who crossed over leaving a young daughter. Where do our loved ones go and how do we know they are still with us?
Includes coloring pages. $15.00

Lydia's mom is ill and Lydia's new best friend comes in the most unlikely form.
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In the works:

Lessons From The Hard Gray...another children's book...needs an illustrator.

A Life Well Lived .... in progress. (The voices of real people, times past. Based on actual letters from the early 1900's.)

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