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Just a sampling...

                                      ...of our wares! 
We TRY to carry Fair Trade, Direct From Artisan, Sustainably Procured, Environmentally Friendly, Quality and Unique Products whenever possible at the most reasonable prices. 
*Not a complete list!* 
Please contact us if you're seeking something not on this list

Stones and Crystals (Over 150 different ones).

Teas (The Metropolitan Tea Company, Canada).

Teas (The Divine Lotus Tea Room and Spa, Michigan). 

Tea pots and accessories.

Handmade Rugs (Made by Rose, age 90; durable, washable, colorful).

Sunstone Candles (by Maddie) with a hidden stone in each one.

Chakra votive and Chime/Spell Candles.

Musical instruments (Dejembe, Rain Sticks, Thumb Piano, Shakers, Drums).

Salt Lamps.

​Gem trees.

Zen Gardens (custom design by request)


Handmade Soap  and Shampoo Bars (by Angel with Angelic Skintimacy).

Chinese Health Balls.

Crystal Balls. 

Magical Wands.

My Books (see Books page) and Sarah Hillman's Shayla McPushy Pants.

Incense (Paradise Station).

Soapstone Animals and words (hand carved in Kisi, Kenya).

Mr. Ellie Pooh Paper Products (made from Ski Lanka Elephant Poo!).

Stone Pyramids.

Spirit Animals (carved in Peru from Dolomite). 

Oracle and Tarot Cards

Smudge Sticks, Sprays and Palo Santo.

And much more!