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Spirit Reading
Spirit Animal Reading and Consultation

As a Social Worker, Author, Store Owner, Single Mom, Wife (again), Life Coach, (former) Animal Shelter Foster Home, Spiritualist, Workshop Presenter and Regular participant in Lily Dale, NY and Camp Chesterfield, IN, Psychic Medium was not on my To Do list. Then the Universe/Spirit had other plans and as usual, I argued. Then, as usual, I gave in and it is all good!
I've taken many Spiritual Development classes, I have a Bachelor's and a Master's in Psychology, I am a constant student, an enthusiastic teacher, a skeptical critic, and now a Psychic Medium, Spirit Animal Consultant, Spiritual Life Coach and Retreat Owner/Planner/Organizer. 

Welcome to my busy, but happy life!

Connect with your loved ones in spirit. 
Time: Approximately 60 minutes. 

$ 35.00
We will identify your Totem Spirit Animal, Journey Spirit Animal, Messenger Spirit Animal and/or Shadow Spirit Animal and examine their purpose in your life. 

$ 20.00
Spiritual Life Coaching
The first session is always FREE.

$35.00/hour for subsequent sessions.
Spirit Readings by appointment only at your choice of location: 

*Serendipity Corner, LLC
119 E. Main St.
Mt. Sterling, Kentucky

*The Turtle's Compass Spiritual Center
Menifee County, Kentucky
0ff 1274 by Cave Run Lake surrounded by The Daniel Boone National Forest.