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Spirit Reading
Spirit Animal Reading and Consultation
Connect with your loved ones in spirit. 
Time: Approximately 50 minutes (minimum). 

We will identify your Totem Spirit Animal, Journey Spirit Animal, Messenger Spirit Animal and/or Shadow Spirit Animal and examine their purpose in your life. 

Spiritual Life Coaching
The first session is always FREE.
$35.00/hour for subsequent sessions. (always negotiable)
Spirit Readings by appointment only

Due to no shows, Readings are only done at: 

*The Turtle's Compass Spiritual Center
Menifee County, Kentucky
0ff 1274 by Cave Run Lake surrounded by The Daniel Boone National Forest. 

$35.00 (minimum 50 minutes)
Listed below are our available services. Feel free to inquire about any of these services by filling out the 'Request Information' on the right-hand side of this page or feel free to give us a call so we can best assist you.